Our Fees

The Northern Nanny Agency are very transparent with our fees which are based on the salary that you agree to pay your nanny / house keeper

Search Fee £250.00 This is deducted from any final invoice
Daily Nanny 10% of gross salary pay
Live in Nanny 10% of gross salary pay
Overseas Nanny 10% of gross salary pay
Housekeeper 10% of gross salary pay
Temporary staff £85.00 per week
Maternity Nanny booking arrangement fee
£15.00 per night
Minimum fee for all contracts £450
Hotels and external functions £25 per nanny per session


We offer a straightforward no-quibble replacement free of charge if the employee leaves your employment within eight weeks. If after four weeks we are unable to find a replacement, or you decide not to carry on with the search, we will refund your introduction fee (and only charge you a temporary fee for the time the employee worked for you). For more details see our T&Cs